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Be honest: have you ever been tempted to hire a personal trainer just for the sake of ticking it off a to do list? To shift responsibility for your health onto someone else? To delegate and compartmentalise this area of life as you would a laborious process to an intern at work? You might not think this applies to you, but it certainly seems to be a common subconscious process based on some of the clients I’ve seen over fifteen years in the industry.

Any step towards better fitness and health is always a positive, but it’s definitely worth considering the reality of your lifestyle and motivation before enlisting a professional to help you reach your goals.

Trainer vs client responsibility

Due to the time of year I have been contacted by a number of prospective clients that have told me they have been working with a trainer but haven’t seen results. There’s usually three possible causes for this:

The trainer they are using isn’t delivering the service they require.

The client isn’t ready to change.

The results they want don’t match the change they are prepared to make.

“I don’t get the results because I’m lazy and I’m bad with my food”: this is something I hear all the time from prospective clients, most of whom are busy execs or mothers. They are overachievers in many areas of life so certainly aren’t inherently lazy people, but it’s easy for trainers to shift the blame for lack of results back onto their clients when they’ve given them almost impossibly drastic plans, with little to no guidance on how to adapt this into their lifestyle.

Since our job is to deliver results, we have a responsibility to be direct with you, our clients, and deliver extra support and an element of lifestyle coaching if we feel like you need it. However, are you really ready for what this entails?

Lifestyle overhaul

The work you do in a session is a small part of the overall fitness solution. Sleep, stress, a spiritual connection, food and relationships, all form a healthier way of life. They all have knock on effects on each other, so must be in sync in order to create a lasting and significant change. For example – if you think you can train twice a week but continue to go out drinking late as you were before, not much is going to change. Likewise, if you think you can smash your body to bits in a HIIT class and implement a drastic calorie deficit, you might get some superficial results, but the rest of your health will suffer and the solution won’t last.

Are you ready?

Us personal trainers are always happy to have someone come along to discover the joys of exercise whilst having a chat, but it’s making a long lasting positive impact on someone’s health that really drives most of us to do this job. Before setting your targets and spending your money on a professional in order to reach them, consider how much time you are realistically going to be able to dedicate to this project, and let your trainer know so they can plan accordingly. If you’re reading this now and thinking “OK, I’m ready to take the plunge” – that’s excellent news! We can’t wait to meet you 🙂