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Is autumn the time for you to find a (great) personal trainer?

It’s getting colder and darker, which for many of us means a loss of motivation to exercise. Although the concept of “summer bodies” is long forgotten about by now, exercise has been proven time and time again to be the most reliable way to raise serotonin levels and regulate circadian rhythms – something that should be on everyone’s radar as the days get darker. It’s a better time than ever to consider finding a great – not just good – personal trainer this autumn.

They’ll help you set attainable, measurable, and worthwhile goals

If you’re considering seeing a personal trainer, you probably already know that there are no simple tricks, and no twelve-week plans that will work for everyone. But you may not know what goals are attainable, and that’s the first place to start. If you don’t set a goal that is reachable, one that you can measure, it’ll never be possible to succeed. Peach trainers can talk you through what changes you can reasonably expect to see by spring if you get started now. They won’t expect you to skip the work Christmas parties to slog away in the gym, and will make allowances in their plan for the increased food and drink consumption that can be expected around this time of year – so you won’t need to miss out around the family dinner table this Christmas.

They will meet you wherever and whenever you like

We are more than well aware how difficult it can be to get out of bed for an early morning session when it’s cold and dark outside! If you struggle with this kind of motivation, a Peach personal trainer could be a great solution – they can come straight to your house to train indoors in the morning, so you can even work out in your pyjamas if you want to. They could meet you straight after work at the nearest park to the office so you don’t lose all your energy during your commute home or on the way there. Usually workout outdoors but hate the cold and don’t have the space at home? That’s fine too, many of our trainers are able to welcome external clients to the gyms they are usually based in. A premium trainer will understand all these seasonal changes in preferences, mood and energy levels and will work with you around it.

They don’t switch off at the gym door

A good trainer needs to get to know you beyond the gym door. This means that they need to get to know more about you than your form when you’re squatting. As we’ve discussed, they should get to the bottom of what your aims are and help turn them into attainable goals. They should also get to know your medical history and any injuries or quirks you have. But it doesn’t stop there. Personal training is, after all, personal.

A good trainer will also take into account when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep (read: seasonal hangover), any other training you’re doing, and anything else that will impact your workout.

Personal training is all about understanding your needs as an individual – whether you are struggling to get back into exercise after the birth of your first child with a demanding career or a professional footballer, your body is a complex machine that requires looking after – come rain or shine!