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With bikini season in full swing, is it time you reality checked your own #goals?

For centuries now, society has always dictated how the “ideal body” should look, and the fitness industry sells that dream.

In the last few years however, the pervasiveness of hyperreal Instagram Influencers, #fitspo and #bodygoals, the general public are increasingly aware of their own dissatisfaction with their bodies, even if they’re perfectly fit and healthy – and nowhere is that more obvious than summer season. Let’s be honest; did you make wild fitness goals to yourself at the start of the year for your summer holidays, only to find yourself still unable to fit into the 2-dress sizes-too-small bikini bottoms you bought as motivation in January – but nevertheless having lived a happy and full life over the last few months?

There’s plenty of dodgy fit teas, waist trainer businesses and insta-famous “trainers” cashing in on this trend, selling plans with wild promises and unbelievable before and after photos, but that’s not how we want to work at Peach.

Time after time I’ve had clients come to me with goals they thought they wanted and had been trying for years to achieve, assuming that I’d be in agreement with their opinions.

“Make Me Skinnier”

Tammy (fake name) came to me for help. She’s active, has had personal trainers for the past few years and seemed in really good shape – at least to in mine and most people’s eyes. When I asked her how I could help, all she spoke about was how she looked, “I want to be skinner, smaller legs, abs, perkier bum….” the list went on.

I could write hundreds of examples of clients that have come to me with similar requests and concerns of varying degrees.

After speaking with Tammy and getting to know what really makes her tick, I started to give her some self acceptance homework; steering her away from focusing on how she looked aesthetically and more towards performance, both inside and outside of the sessions.

Her food started to look a lot happier, her energy got better and her overall enjoyment in our sessions increased. She started to see the value in being able to do exercises she wasn’t previously able to do. As a result, her body started to change and she started to love who she was – not for what she looked like but what she could do. Health and fitness should be as much about mental wellness as it is physical; witnessing this mindset shift in Tammy was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Reality check

If someone told you that if you ran up a steep hill you would find £1000 at the top, you would do it. But what about if you got to the top only to find nothing there – would you keep running up the hill, just in case?
To put it very simply the more stressed you are, the more likely you are to hold onto fat – so creating a stressful weight loss goal is madness, especially considering you probably wouldn’t even be that happy if you did reach it.

In general, we need to become a lot more mindful of what we are doing and our reasons for doing it. Our bodies, our minds, our health and our happiness should always take absolute priority; the human body and brain is not something that can be forced to fit into a certain weight loss goal without consequences.

If you are still running up that hill, it’s time to stop and have a look around.